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Fri, Nov. 26th, 2010, 01:53 pm

I love my new neighborhood!

We stopped into Phoebe's Cupcakes today to see about ordering a pie. Geoff asked about a pumpkin pie, and the girl at the counter swept into the back and emerged with a beautiful, golden, creamy looking pie that ended up being half the price of special ordering it! Plus a salted caramel cupcake for me (mmm!)

Also, I love the holidays. I'm not the kind of person who owns Christmas-themed clothes or jewelry, and I don't really seriously decorate or anything, but I like hearing Christmas music (at least the nice stuff) in stores, and seeing decorations on the street.

It's nice and cozy and warm in my apartment, and I have yummy things to eat, and I actually got some work done yesterday, so I can just enjoy myself and have my holiday today!